IPA Canada 2017

September 13-16, 2017

Dr. Candace Nykiforuk and the PLACE Research Lab presented their work on the Love to Play project throughout the International Play Association (IPA) Canada 2017 conference in Calgary:

  • Examining the impact of community investment on children’s play in a free play-based recreation preschool program: Mixed-method research findings
    Candace Nykiforuk
  • Parents’ perceived value of children’s play: Opportunities and support for engagement
    Keely Stenberg
  • Play-based recreation preschool programs: Instructors’ perceptions of places for play
    Keely Stenberg & Gabrielle Donoff
  • Reflections on the intersection of practice and research on play in preschool settings: Partner and researcher perspectives
    Jane Hewes, Doreen Paradis, Erin Gallagher & Candace Nykiforuk
  • An investigation of play in an indoor preschool environment: Does free play encourage adequate levels of physical activity for preschool children?
    Barbara Hughes

For more information about the Love to Play project, visit the PLACE Research Lab website: http://placeresearchlab.com/evaluation-of-innovative-preschool-play-spaces/.

For more information about IPA Canada 2017, visit: http://canada2017.ipaworld.org/.